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Larix(TM) is a Java-XML framework, which provides an extremely extensible foundation for developing a XML application. Larix can simply configured as a webpages generator from XML data input, as well as processing, combining and generating result XML from multiple sources.

Multiple data source processing and multiple data output is built right in Larix's architecture. Not only providing 20+ built-in data sources, Larix's highly customizable capacities enable user to develop custom data source with minimum effort and time. Yipppee provides simplest programming interface possible, which a developer can learn within minutes, but not hours and days. DataSource is not limited to static XML files store within a computer, together with Java's JDBC and Network capacity, the reaches of data source and output is limitless. In fact, for multiple data input and output, Larix is a much easier and supervisor solution than XSLT.

Even more, Larix has more powerful transformation capacities than XSLT. But in case of highly complicated transformation, developer can write his own Java code which and the transformation can be seamlessly integrated into Larix transformation engine.

Not only Larix has powerful transformation capacity, Larix provides abstraction, which helps developer reuse Larix Code and make disturbing development to different people easy and possible, which is one of the most critical element for large scale development


Larix is currently under development. Larix is currently implementing in 100% Java. Beta version of the product is expected to release in one or two months time frame. If you are interested to be notified, please subscript to our free email newsletter, Leaflet.


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We are considering open source our product if demand exists. Please email us and tell us what you think.


JavaDoc API of Larix [ specification is not final and subject to changes]

User Guide of Larix [work in progress]

Whitepaper [later]